Hello all as we head into 2023 we will be looking forward to a year of challenges new ideas and changes in the why we will do things this year.
     Two of our members that for over twenty years called on businesses in the Collingwood area for donations & prizes used for our fund raising derby events (Spring Trout Derby & Salmon Slam) will no longer be doing this this year they both have a list of those they contacted, we require new member faces to continue in their paths many of those that contribute prizes and money look forward to doing so and would not like to be overlooked this year and new contributors could also be had by your approaching of those you know and feel would also be willing to be sponsor.
     Our spring trout derby is fast approaching dates, prize structure, weigh stations to be set up all the good things that make the fisherman look forward to being a part of and how they can support our efforts that support the fishery we care about.
     The Salmon Slam will also need to be addressed dates, prize structure, sponsors and the big Question is will the Town of Collingwood work with us and those that participate in the events.
     March meeting is fast approaching also this is election time their will be a need to fill positions required by our clubs constitution please consider trying on the duties for at least a year remember this is your club get involved
     See you Thursday January 19th at the Royal Canadian Legion Ontario St Collingwood 6.30 .
     There is still a whole year ahead lets make it the best yet.
Rick Baldry
President GTA