The Georgian Triangle Anglers’ Association is a community-oriented conservation club committed to stocking game fish in Georgian Bay.

We are also committed to involving the community through youth participation to protect and conserve natural resources for future generations.

A dedicated group of members volunteer hundreds of hours every year, operating the hatchery, collecting and raising eggs, and stocking rainbow and brown trout in the local lakes, rivers and streams, and participate in stream rehabilitation.       Volunteer Record Sheet

Local Fishing Derbies are held by the Club to raise funds and improve public awareness.

Members are benefited by our OFAH affiliation and membership.

The Clubhouse and hatchery are located on the side road 2 off Grey Rd. 19 behind Osler Bluff. Just ask google maps

Meetings are posted on our club facebook page. See you there.

Elections and appointments of Executive members and Committee chair positions in the Georgian Triangle Anglers Association will take place at the general meeting in March, every year.

All positions are open and members are encouraged to seek nomination or put their name forward for various committees and chair positions. All positions are for a one year term; however, this term may be extended at the request of the current appointee and agreed upon by the Club Executive. Many of the current officers and chairmen have held positions for a period of time and will be stepping down.

The Georgian Triangle Anglers Association is governed as follows:

Executive Elected Positions:


Will preside at all meetings other than Committee meetings to countersign cheques for the treasurer, oversee all committee activities ensuring the committee chairmen are fulfilling their appointments to the utmost of the Club’s benefit.

First Vice President

Is responsible to the President and shall assist the President in carrying out his duties; assume all the President’s duties, responsibilities and all authority in the absence of the President.


Shall keep the minutes of all meetings, other than committee meetings; read such minutes at each regular meeting; conduct correspondence of the club and forward to all members a notice showing dates, times, and place of forthcoming regular meetings; keep  an up-to-date membership list; keep a nominal list for all meetings; is responsible to ensure that Club meetings, decisions and activities are in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club.


Shall keep an accurate, updated  inventory of the Clubs property and its whereabouts; receive all monies of the Club and deposit same in the Clubs bank account; maintain a proper set of books showing all business matters of the Club; read out the Club’s financial report at each regular meeting; sign cheques issued on behalf of the Club; maintain the Club’s financial documents in such a manner that they are ready for audit at all times; prepare the annual financial statement for the audit and deliver it at the annual meeting.

Board of Directors

The Board of directors shall be comprised of the Club’s officers and four (4) other members together with the Past President; all Board members shall be elected as prescribed in the Club’s By-Laws.                

The Board of Directors shall meet as prescribed in the Club’s By-Laws  to consider the direction and needs of the Club, including those of the Hatchery, Building & Grounds, Ways & Means; the Board shall also deal with and resolve issues pertaining to Club business  and objectives and  promote harmony within the Club.

Standing Committees

Are established to conduct Club activities throughout the year.

Hatchery Chairmen

Shall be elected as prescribed by the Club’s bylaws; Chairman shall choose his committee and is fully responsible to the President for all matters pertaining to the Hatchery; shall report to the President on a regular basis.

Building and Grounds Chairman

Shall be elected as prescribed by the Club’s bylaws.  Chairman shall choose his committee and is fully responsible to the President and for all matters pertaining to fencing, maintenance and general upkeep of the Clubs buildings and grounds; shall report to the President on a regular basis.

 Ways and Means Chairman

Shall be elected as prescribed by the Club’s bylaws . Chairman shall choose his committee members which will consist of at least three(3) members and is fully responsible to the President to encourage and create methods of Club improvement in conjunction with all other committees.

Other Committees

Membership Chairman

Shall be appointed from any member in good standing and will act as a Club liaison between the Club and the Ontario Federation of Angler’s and Hunters; Chairman shall ensure members are notified of Club and/ or OFAH expiries and renewals; shall report to the President on a regular basis.

Entertainment Chairman

The duties and responsibilities of the positions listed herein are not that cumbersome and I encourage all members to give it a try. Members previously holding these positions are more than happy to assist with a learning curve in order for new committee members to assume new duties smoothly.