40th Annual GTAA Spring trout derby
Daily Results
Heaviest Rainbow Trout Daily
Day 1 No fish entered
Day 2 Ainslee Bell 7.82lbs
Day 3 Clark Green 8.40lbs
Day 4 Brandon Hornbury 6.56lbs
Day 5 Tom Hause 11.68lbs
Day 6 Darren Kingston 17.20lbs
Day 7 Jerry Pynn 5.84lbs
Day 8 Aaron Lavers 6.28lbs
Day 9 No winner
Day 10 Logan Bui 7.84lbs
Day 11 Matt Bell 8.54lbs
Day 12 Minh Nguyen 13.30lbs
Day 13 no rainbow entered
Day 14 Matt Bell 6.62lbs
Day 15 no rainbow entered
Day 16 Matt Bell 7.54lbs
Ladies Day Winner
April Hanna Salmon 9.34lbs
Heaviest Rainbow Trout(top 5)
1st Darren Kingston 17.20lbs
2nd Minh Nguyen 13.30lbs
3rd Tom Hause 11.68lbs
4th Lester Watson 9.93lbs
5th Matt Bell 9.22lbs
Heaviest Salmon
1st ​Paul Badley 11.17lbs​
Heaviest Brown trout
1st Jody Steinke 9.00lbs
Heaviest Lake trout
1st Tim Colbourne 10.40lbs
Kids Category
1st Ainslee Bell 8yrs old 7.82lbs
2nd Ainslee Bell 8yrs old 7.04lbs
3rd Avah Bell 9yrs old 6.76lbs
We have come to the end of another GTAA Spring Trout Derby, I hope you all had a good time Congratulations to our winners. On Sunday May 1st at 2pm at the GTAA Clubhouse( Petun Conservation area on line 2 off of county road 19) we will be having our awards presentations, silent auction and arm’s length raffle. Please show up a little earlier so we can start at 2pm. Everyone is welcome to come out and see what the club is all about. We will also be having food come out and enjoy.