Final Results
Well we have come to the end of our 41stSpring Trout Derby. I hope everyone had fun and good times with family and friends. We had a few fish weighed in on this nasty weather day. I hope to see lots of people at the hatchery and clubhouse tomorrow.
These are the directions from my store to petun(clubhouse) follow the link
Our Awards Ceremony will be happening on Sunday, April 30that the clubhouse which is at the Petun Conservation area starting at 2pm.
Heaviest Rainbow Trout Daily
Day 1 Ted McGill 6.36lbs
Day 2 Jamie Barry 6.94lbs
Day 3 Jody Steinke 7.26lbs
Day 4 Matt Bell 7.00lbs
Day 5 no winner
Day 6 Chris Yates 7.20lbs
Day 7 Matt Bell 6.26lbs
Day 8 Truc Bui 8.56lbs
Day 9 Neil Lavers 7.42lbs
Day 10 no winner
Day 11 Matt Bell 8.80lbs
Day 12 Jody Steinke 5.82lbs
Day 13 David Brooks 6.40lbs
Day 14 Chris Yates 11.50lbs
Day 15 Sonja McSorley 7.66lbs
Ladies Day Winner
Melissa Ruppel Salmon 7.66lbs
Heaviest Rainbow Trout
1st Chris Yates 11.50lbs
2nd Cody Greco 8.88lbs
3rd Matt Bell 8.80lbs
Heaviest Salmon
1st Liam Wannamaker 13.80lbs
2nd Paul Badley 10.21lbs
3rd ​Brad Wannamaker 9.78lbs
Heaviest Brown trout
1st Aaron Lavers 7.24lbs
2nd James Rouse 5.56lbs
3rd John Baldry 5.44lbs
Heaviest Lake trout
1st Cole Keeshig 9.20lbs
2nd Jodi McDonald 9.10lbs
3rd Ryan Cooper 8.80lbs
Kids Category
1st Mason McDonald 10 Salmon 8.10lbs
2nd Jack Barry 13 Salmon 6.50lbs
3rd Lachlan Harders 12 Salmon 5.10lbs