GTAA Slam August 20th,2022. Registration will open at 9:00am Tuesday July 26th, 2022.

Register your team at Rick’s Happi Hooka or at

E-transfers welcome  to 

Team captains READ and follow all rules and regs.
Captains must convey to team members all rules, including Covid protocols before Blast off.
G.T.A.A. Slam
Rules and regulations
1. Date will be August 20th, 2022. Cost is $200/team (up to 3 people/ team). All team members must be registered by August 20th .
2. There will be a big fish also ($50/team). 60% of money to Heaviest Salmon, 30% to Heaviest Trout, 10% to G.T.A.A. conservation projects. Your team must be registered for Saturday’s tournament to qualify for Big Fish.
3. Prizes to be prorated but based on 50 entries. 1st $3500.00, 2nd $1000.00 and 3rd $500.00. If there are less than 50 entrants prizes will reflect the number of entrants. 1st Place 35%.
4. Prizes will be based on a team’s best 5 fish, consisting of 5 legally caught fish. Teams may enter up to 3 trout (as long as their licenses allow for it) but 2 fish must be salmon.
5. All entrants’ boats to be inspected on Saturday morning before takeoff. After inspection each boat will receive their tags that are to be affixed to each fish that are to be entered.
6. Take off will be at 6:00am August 20th (August 21st alternate weather day). Return time 2:00pm, any boats not in the Harbour by 2:00 will be penalized (1lb/1min late).
8. Each boat’s tournament registration # must be affixed to your vessel at all times in a visible manner.
9. Only legally caught fish may be entered. All MNRF fishing regulations must be followed.
10. All Boater safety rules must be followed (safety equipment, life jackets & safe boating practices).
11. Vhf channel 71 is used in the Collingwood area and will be monitored by organizers.
12. Eligible waters are Georgian Bay proper. Team’s may go anywhere on Georgian Bay during the tournament but must take off from and return to Collingwood Harbour.
13. You MUST return under your own power. Any team not returning under their own power will be disqualified. Any team willing to tow in a disabled vessel must return to the Harbour and drop off a team member with their cooler of fish before towing in the disabled vessel or they will be disqualified also. Only exception is in the case of an immediate life threatening situation.
14.All teams understand that they enter this tournament at their own risk and that tournament organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage.
16. If you are having any signs of Covid 19 please error on the side of caution and do not attend this function
17. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available on site for your convenience.
18. Please read and follow all signage
19. Entrants are responsible for their own launch and parking fees.