GTAA News & Views Aug 2021

I hope that all of you are well and surviving a pandemic that has created an uncertainty but an awareness to the seriousness of Covid 19.

Almost a year and a half of lockdowns, stay at home orders and social distancing has taken its toll on our Association.

 Our inability to meet in person has put our club at risk in many areas. Our executive has been reduced due to resignations. Some board members have left due to medical reasons, others stayed beyond their terms but eventually had to move on. Covid has keep us apart for 2 elections where we could have hopefully injected new blood into the organization.

Our revenue generating capability has taken a hit with the loss of two Spring Trout derby fund raisers. However, we were able to have a one-day Salmon Slam last year & this month we will have another (it sold out in 6 days). 


Perhaps our biggest area of risk right now is our Hatchery. It has been the cornerstone of our Association for almost 40 years. As a part of the province’s Community Hatchery Program, we have stocked hundreds of thousands of Brook, Rainbow and Brown Trout. In order to successfully do this, we rely on club volunteers to take part in the daily feeding and caring of fingerlings. As of today, we are struggling with below minimal assistance.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  It is needed for your club to move forward whether it is for a fund raiser, hatchery work or the Executive. We can’t continue with only a skeleton crew in these areas. Please get involved.

 Your club NEEDS YOU.


Rick Baldry

President GTAA