Covid 19.– We have been locked down for 6 months just about everyone has been practicing social distancing , hiding behind a mask ,or are just not going anywhere,

I was so glad to see Gary Lawrence last Friday he looked good and reported feeling better every day he and Marg. were heading out fishing with Melky, Boy O Boy he looked GOOD.

On another note we were able to have a executive meeting in July at the club house outside (SD) the executive was able to conduct business & agreed to remain in their positions until the next club elections in March.

This Sat Aug 22nd our club will host a Salmon Slam, places will be determined by length instead of weight. Everyone team participating will be given a special measuring board and instructions that have to be followed to the letter. This event was limited to 50 teams and was sold out in 10 days. My thanks to Wayne McInnes & Karen Berry for their hard work making these measuring boards. (come down to the store for the celebration and the results after 2pm Sat.).

I hope we can all meet for a fish fry and meeting Sept 17th 6:30

Rick Baldry