Georgian Triangle Anglers Association   News & Views April 2020

I know it has been a while since I put together a message to our club members.

Times have changed in the last month and a half. With orders from our Premier to stay home and stay six feet apart, the only thing you can embrace is your tablet, smart phone or your computer.

Your club and hatchery are still operating even though we had to call off the Spring Trout Derby and cancel the Thornbury Dam egg collection. The Derby, which is our major fund raiser, offers club members a closeness that comes with gathering prizes, discussing where the big ones are hiding, what baits work and getting the boat out of storage and ready to hit the water. However, all towns have closed their launch ramps and restricted land use around them until the middle of May.  Knowing where you can go and keeping your distance may pose a problem this for this season’s Trout opener.

Al reports that this week, we were able to (social-distance) stock about  6000 brook trout in a new location just a short drive south of Collingwood on crown land endorsed by both MNRF and NVCA. Hopefully, we can release some rainbows and browns in their regular stocking sites before the end of the year. This would give us more room in the hatchery so when COVID 19 is no longer a threat we can do some much needed maintenance.

Frank would like you to know that you can renew your membership by printing off a 2020 membership form from our website, complete it and  mail it to us.

Georgian Triangle Anglers Association,

PO Box 224,



or if it is easier just put cheque or cash in an envelope and drop it off at Ricks Happi Hooka.

Frank has asked that you check your Ontario Out of Doors magazine or your OFAH membership card for your expiry date, that is now your OFAH & GTAA renewal month. You can reach Frank at if you have a question about membership.

Wayne has had a busy winter keeping the driveway clean for the Hatchery crew. Not only has the weather been a challenge but the blower on the tractor has been a pain and required a few cold-weather fixes. Our garage door didn’t like him either but with Roger Martin’s help they got it fixed and kept things together and running.

In the future, when this Virus is no longer a threat and we can gather  without fear of infection,  our club house will need an over haul inside and out. It would be great to have a work- weekend- BBQ and family get together. It is what we need as a Club.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Rick Baldry