50/50 Food Bank Derby

Saturday Sept 28 until Saturday Oct 26

Drop by Ricks for tickets and more info

Final results

1st Place Sonja McSorley Rainbow 9.06lbs

2nd place Triston Hudson Rainbow 8.60lbs

3rd place Russ Weldon Rainbow 7.72lbs

Week 1 winner David Brooks 4.02lbs

Week 2 Winner Russ Weldon 7.08lbs

Week 3 Winner Russ Weldon 7.72lbs

Week 4 Winner Sonja McSorley 9.06lbs

On Saturday we had new first and second place fish caught by Sonja McSorley. 9.06lbs and Triston Hudson 8.60lbs. Nothing like waiting until the last day to catch the big ones. I will contact the winners shortly as soon as I gather all the tickets and find out our totals. Thank you to all that participated.