Membership guidelines GTAA

If you are not already a member of the OFAH your GTAA membership includes membership in the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. This entitles you to all benefits of the Federation, including third party liability insurance, the monthly magazine “Ontario out of Doors” and discounts at various retail establishments. Check the OFAH website for further information.

GTAA Membership is for 1 year from June 1st till May 31st the following year and is not pro-rated.

OFAH membership is for 1 year from your registered month until the following year.

To be a member in good standing you must belong to both clubs.

Please note OFAH will remove expired memberships automatically.

GTAA Club Members that carry their own OFAH memberships are responsible to keep their OFAH memberships active

It is the responsibility of the GTAA to track the expiration dates of members and. the Club will inform members of expiration. Expired members do not have any OFAH membership benefits including the $5,000,000 member’s public liability insurance.

Expired members will also invalidate club liability insurance eligibility.

If a member chooses to apply for a renewal of their OFAH membership on their own they will be charged the full individual rate as opposed the club rate.

The Georgian Triangle Angler’s Association must remain 100% affiliated with the OFAH for your club liability coverage to be in effect. Your entire club must be OFAH members, failure to maintain 100% affiliation will result in a denial of coverage should an accident occur.

OFAH Pricing 2019 GTAA Current Club Rate

Adult                                       $43.45

Family                                     $53.95

Georgian Triangle Angler’s Association

Includes OFAH Membership Above

Single person                      $85.00

Family                                 $100.00

If you already belong to the OFAH

GTAA Single Membership only $45.00

GTAA Family Membership only  $50.00

Ways to become a Member

E-mail  ask for a form. Or pick up at Ricks Happi Hooka or any Meeting

Click here for a  2019 Membership form   or Click here for a  2020 Membership form

Drop off form and payment to Ricks Happi Hooka or drop off at a meeting.

Or mail to

Georgian Triangle Anglers Association,

PO Box 224,

Collingwood, Ont.

L9Y 3Z5