News & Views 2020 Year End Edition

Dec 2020

First and foremost, I sincerely hope your all are keeping well and at a safe distance from harm (COVID-19).

I realize that we have not been able to come together for regular club meetings due to provincial regulations on gatherings, but we were very fortunate to have a fish fry in September at the club house, Harvie & Sandy cooked the fish & French fries, Aubrey & Keith served it to the members keeping everyone safe from not having to handle the serving utensils themselves.

We had a short business meeting while we waited for the fish to be cooked.  We discussed our need to renew our water permit, the stocking of our brown trout in Georgian Bay from Meaford to Wasaga Beach and the success of the Salmon Slam. It was decided that because of Covid, 19 we were not going to have a regular fall derby. Our monthly meetings including our Christmas gathering would also be canceled. It is so hard to get thing done with your hands tied.

Our hatchery chair Al reports that;

One season ends and another starts in the world of fish Hatcheries. As much as 2020 has been a tough year all around, our hatchery has managed to survive and we are currently moving into another cycle of raising fish.

At the end of November, we received 10 thousand Brook Trout eggs from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the first of two deliveries in the coming weeks. The Brookies this year are slightly different from those in the past as we have been able to acquire the pure -bred Hillslake strain from the Ministry’s Fish culture station at Englehart in Northern Ontario. These fish are traditionally larger, grow faster and are best suited to be fished when stocked. They will be scheduled for a 2022 release into designated areas such as Feversham Pond and the Pine River.

Our second delivery of eggs will be 30 thousand Brown Eggs from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry facility at Chatsworth. They should be in the Hatchery the end of December.

We currently have about 30 thousand fish/eggs which are considerably less than previous years. Due to COVID, we were unable to collect Rainbow eggs at the Thornbury dam. However, on the positive side, we’ve had a lower mortality rate among the fingerlings due to the increase in tank space.

As the year ends, we will complete our application for Provincial funding through the OFAH. This is an annual grant which keeps us operating and we are happy to hear that the province renewed the available grant money for another three years. We are also in the process of renewing our water permit with the Ministry of the Environment. Many thanks to Jay Kivell for taking time to file the application.

In mid-November, our air blower (provides oxygen to the tanks) quit. This was a major problem. A new blower was ordered but until it arrived, we had to constantly change tank water to provide adequate oxygen. Many helping hands kept the tanks refreshed and installed the blower in timely fashion. The fish are fine. We hope to have the old pump overhauled and designated as a backup.

The hatchery has survived this year due to the diligent work of those that not only volunteer on a daily basis, but those that jump in when help is needed. Thanks for all your support. Have a healthy holiday season and stay safe.

Our treasurer Harvie reports that;

Currently all of the bills are all paid and we have some cheques outstanding.

The financial situation is stable and we should be able to cover the expenses for the year as long as we have no large unforeseen charges.

Our membership chair Frank reports;

Our membership at the end of November is 50 members. There were 6 new members that joined our club in 2020.

Frank is retiring from the executive. If anyone is interested in taking over the membership duties please let Rick know ASAP.

Our secretary Jay reports:

COVID-19 has certainly changed all of our life’s in 2020 and it has affected how we operated as a club. In January the executive sent out a questionnaire to help develop a

Strategic plan. There were four replies to the questionnaire.

We held very few executive meetings and general meetings throughout the year.

Our Permit to Take Water (PTTW) expires in May of 2021. It is currently at Tatham Engineering for review by President Dan Hurley and his associates before it goes to the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks. Our Industrial Sewage Certificate  (ISC) does not need to be renewed unless changes are made.

On behalf of the entire executive, I want to wish everyone the best wishes for the Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Rick Baldry, President